Theatrical Distribution

• Identify and secure release date
• Track competitive landscape
• Strategize a distribution pattern that consists of markets and number of screens consistent with budget and goals
• Develop pitch for exhibitors
• Negotiate with theatre chains to lock in theatres (AMC, Regal, Landmark, Sundance…)
• Exhibitor relations – trailer placement, one-sheet and any ancillary promotional materials
• Coordinate with digital providers
• Coordinate with Technicolor or fulfillment house to provide DCP, blu rays
• Track grosses and report to trades
• Settle film rental and collections

Theatrical Marketing, Publicity, Advertising & Promotions

• Create an overall marketing strategy and budget
• Hire, give direction and manage creative vendors for one-sheet and trailer materials
• Strategize and implement National publicity campaign
• Strategize and implement Regional publicity campaign
• Digital online
– Hire and liaise with New Media agency
– Create Facebook and Twitter profiles
– Work with web designer to create a comprehensive website
– Create asset list and timeline
– Develop online pitch letters and blogging ideas
– Online Asset placement of trailer, clips, one-sheet and photo’s
– Oversee social networking & blogging sites to seed the net and create discussion groups and online forums
• Create media budgets and schedules
– Direct art director on ad breakdowns and provide copy, quotes, billing blocks
– National, cable Television
– Radio
– Online
– Outdoor
• Word of mouth/grass roots
– Work with print publications, radio stations, film classes, film festivals to set opinion and tastemaker screenings
– Hire and manage street team/ambassadors for poster and postcard distribution

New Media Marketing

• Provide and implement strategy for Academy, Golden Globe, SAG, DGA, WGA, Spirit and Gotham award campaigns
• Create budget to coincide with overall strategy
• Organize a strategic screening program to reach Award voters with Variety, Los Angeles Times, The Wrap, Deadline and other comparable allegiances followed by Q & A’s with filmmakers and cast
• Pitch Awards press and bloggers
• Create advertising schedule with major trades and other Award publications
• Oversee all opportunities with National Board of Review, New York Film Critic Awards, Los Angeles Film Critic Awards, Regional Film Critic Awards

It's Only The End of the World' The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Maki The Age of Shadows Under the Shadow
Omar Felix&Meira



Film Festival Positioning

• Cannes Film Festival
• Sundance Film Festival
• Venice Film Festival
• New York Film Festival
• Toronto Film Festival
• Berlin Film Festival
• Telluride Film Festival
• Tribeca Film Festival
• Los Angeles Film Festival
• Hamptons Film Festival
• MOMA/Canadian Front
• Premiere Brazil
• Miami Film Festival
• Rio Film Festival
• Guadalajara Film Festival
• Locarno Film Festival
• All major Gay and Lesbian Film festivals in the U.S.
• All major Jewish Film festivals in the U.S.
• All major Latino Film festivals in the U.S.

Film Festival Publicity

• Strategize on film’s festival launch
• Securing Trade reviews
• Creating positioning production notes
• Creating Press screening invitations
• Contacting national/regional Press
• Setting Press schedules for film’s filmmakers and talent

Film Festival Marketing

• Positioning and strategy for film’s festival launch
• Festival positioning – work with the filmmakers to identify the goals to be achieved at each festival
• Creating trailer
• Creating One Sheet (poster)
• Creating production notes
• Creating Broadcast clips
• Work with website designer to create a dynamic site that will give the audience somewhere to go and find out about the film when it’s getting the maximum exposure at the festival.

Producer Representation and Sales

• We work with the filmmaker as a trusted partner to guide and implement them though every stage of bringing their film to a major festival and market.
• We work closely with the filmmakers to strategize and position the film for the festival launch.
• We work with the filmmaker to achieve their goals and to find the best home for their film.

Tastemaker Screenings

• We create and coordinate intimate Word of Mouth screenings/receptions with Media outlets, Awards voters, Literary professionals, Museums, and non theatrical and specialty venues.


• v.o.d. ancillary strategy
• v.o.d. ancillary sales
• v.o.d. ancillary marketing