Flamenco, Flamenco


Considered the greatest exponent of the particular way of making musical films of Carlos Saura, Flamenco, flamenco arises, through a journey of light and life, the evolution of the songs, dances and music of this art that, in the director own words, would be heritage of the universe.

With the experience and knowledge that Carlos Saura’s films have gained over time, we enter in the roads of the existing talents of this art so alive and dynamic that flamenco is it, to present his new film which uses innovative elements, in the technical field as in the narrative, becoming a unique production.

The film shows that there is a powerful new flamenco, of young talents finding their way in our country and beyond our borders, but the reality of this art can not be reflected in the right way without some of the great living masters that we are fortunate to have in Spain.



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